Blythe Events mission has never just been about photo booth fun; it has always had a deeper purpose that I think most people can relate to. I am proud to propose this unique, charitable initiative that is my personal touch on a matter that means so much to me: giving back to my community. I was born and raised in Birmingham. I have connected myself to every good, bad and ugly side of this Magic City, and have watched it blossom beautifully in the last 20 years. I am so proud of the progress it’s made, adversity it’s overcome, and the successful, thriving city it is today. I have made so many wonderful memories here and have always dreamt of ways to make my own positive impact on Birmingham. I finally have that opportunity with my business. The company name is my own, but the word itself means happiness. Happiness Events. Happiness is something you choose, you create, you share and watch it spread like a virus. That is what my dream is and has been since I set off to college, that is my drive, my conviction, the actual mission of Blythe Events. What better way to do this than by creating a photo booth experience for people to make fun memories with, while also sharing my success with my community! I know I can accomplish this mission by growing this business into an entity substantial enough to create employment opportunities for at-risk individuals, and that can also provide substantial monetary contribution to local charitable causes on a regular basis.

How can I do this? The plan is simple: party with a purpose, But I need your help! I will donate 100% of my earnings from the 5th event of every month to the local charity that you vote for by following me on social media. That way, everyone gets a chance to get in on the action and attract attention to great causes happening right here in our city! So, just to clarify- that is EVERY 5th event of EVERY month. Even if that event happens to be a multi-day Corporate extravaganza that is my most expensive event of the month, then so be it. That means a local charity could get over $1000 donation!! Y’all…am I crazy? That seems like a lot to take on for a little photo booth business, but I have seen the power of human kindness and believe that small actions can make a huge impact in the world around us.

Maybe this is a crazy idea that I’ll regret immediately. Maybe my little dream business will fail. Maybe no one will care about this mission and I’m out here on this branch all alone. But, what if I’m not?

Choose BE for BHam and party with a purpose!

-Blythe Leisher -Blythe Events Owner/Operator